Helium airships in the Scottish Highlands

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Helium airships in the Scottish Highlands

A study for Hybrid Air Vehicles, which hopes to have its airships in operation by 2027, found that they could serve the islands with an infrastructure investment of roughly $2.5 million. Weather would allow regular flights about 96% of the time, except for trips to Jura (79%) and Papa (85%). The report concluded that an optimum configuration for the service might be 30 to 40 seats and 6,000 kg of freight.


Liveloula invites you

Posting this here, picked up from good friends Chenny and Steven at Liveloula who sent out an invite via e-mail. They were part of the original Ecotribe group and made their home in Greece.

Holistic Natural Living Workshop May 19-25 and August 12-18 Luxurious Yurt stay Voice - Movement - Breath Retreat June 25 - July 1 All about Soil workshop July 7-9 and September 15 - 17 Erasmus internship 3-6 months, funding possible April - October More info: www.liveloula.eu

Dear you!!!

After the last snow melted, yellow, white and purple flowers appear everywhere, big black bees are already scouting for calendula flowers that survived the frost and the first lizards are sunbathing on the rocks.

This summer Liveloula will be hosting several workshops, retreats and an erasmus internship. Also you can just come and have some time to switch off and tune into nature.


Liveloula is in spring mode, bursting with energy! Like a dragonfly looking for the waters to multiply, we are offering the grounds to multiply the knowledge we’ve built up so far and offer a space to immerse in nature!

Staying and learning in Liveloula is nurturing the soul, mind and belly! It involves a lot of joy, slowing down, whilst being super active and leaving the place with a lot of knowledge and happy memories.

In the last years Liveloula transformed to become a center for experience and learning about natural living and permaculture. We have now created the capacity for individuals but also groups to stay with us in our cozy Mongolian yurt or in the new spacious glamping tents.

The wish is to share our piece of magic with like minded people that would love to learn about natural living or with those that are looking for a place to be close to nature, but still like to have comfort and community within reach!

We hope to see you back at some point, maybe even this year, this is the first announcement of the 10 year celebration that we are going to have in the first weekend of September.

For now it would be very helpful and appreciated if you can share in your circes our flyer with the workshops and the internship.

If anyone comes to mind that would enjoy staying in our yurt or in one of our glamping tents, please feel free to share our contact details.

Liveloula website

facebook Liveloula

Steven and Chenny

Vale das Lobas

Good news from Portugal where Lizzie and Tony, together with many others, for the last nine years have been working on their vision of the Vale das Lobas eco village. Full permission has now been granted for renovating the 17th century manor house into a Nature Spa Hotel, build an artisan village, convert the mill into a restaurant, and for a camping park.

It is nine years to the day that we received this massive vision, and it is my pleasure to be able to inform you that one phase of this task is now successfully completed and Vale das Lobas/Korashan is on the verge of a completely new dawn. All the structures, including planning permissions, that are required to legally build the village have now been secured. In other words, we are good to go!

Get in touch with them if you want to visit them in Sobral Pichorro or want to know how you could be part of this amazing project.


Love Does Not Imply Pacifism

Years ago I spoke with the wonderful philosopher and writer Kathleen Dean Moore about why calling the earth our mother is not always helpful.

“I think the whole ‘love your mother’ metaphor is just wishful thinking. Mothers can usually be counted on to clean up after their children. They are warm-hearted and forgiving: mothers will follow crying children to their rooms and stroke their hair, even if the child’s sorrow is shame at his treatment of his mother. It’s nice to think the Earth is a mother who will come after us and clean up the mess and protect us from our mistakes, and then forgive us the monstrous betrayal. But even mothers can be worn out and used up. And then what happens to her children?”

~ Kathleen Dean Moore

Love Does Not Imply Pacifism (excerpt from Endgame) – Derrick Jensen


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Ecotribe has had a Bitcoin address for a while, but we haven’t really made much publicity for it. As of now, it isn’t clear (or at least not to me, Dimi) what Ecotribe is, will be or strives to be. So it isn’t clear what the Bitcoin you donate would be used for. I just made a donation to Riseup for 0.09444712 BTC because we are using their e-mail servers. So I cannot tell you what it will be used for if you should decide to donate Bitcoin to Ecotribe, but here is nonetheless our Bitcoin address: 19XkheGBdpRfWAqm36jhghgoYDoBdq5mZF


There are many possibilities for liberty and wildness still.

What are some of these possibilities and how can we live them? What could it mean to be an anarchist, an environmentalist, when global revolution and world-wide social/eco sustainability are not the aim? What objectives, what plans, what lives, what adventures are there when the illusions are set aside and we walk into the world not disabled by disillusionment but unburdened by it?

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