Vale das Lobas

Good news from Portugal where Lizzie and Tony, together with many others, for the last nine years have been working on their vision of the Vale das Lobas eco village. Full permission has now been granted for renovating the 17th century manor house into a Nature Spa Hotel, build an artisan village, convert the mill into a restaurant, and for a camping park.

It is nine years to the day that we received this massive vision, and it is my pleasure to be able to inform you that one phase of this task is now successfully completed and Vale das Lobas/Korashan is on the verge of a completely new dawn. All the structures, including planning permissions, that are required to legally build the village have now been secured. In other words, we are good to go!

Get in touch with them if you want to visit them in Sobral Pichorro or want to know how you could be part of this amazing project.

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