Ecotribe has had a Bitcoin address for a while, but we haven’t really made much publicity for it. As of now, it isn’t clear (or at least not to me, Dimi) what Ecotribe is, will be or strives to be. So it isn’t clear what the Bitcoin you donate would be used for. I just made a donation to Riseup for 0.09444712 BTC because we are using their e-mail servers. So I cannot tell you what it will be used for if you should decide to donate Bitcoin to Ecotribe, but here is nonetheless our Bitcoin address: 19XkheGBdpRfWAqm36jhghgoYDoBdq5mZF


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I am the captain here. :-) I started the blog a number of years ago to be a reflection of the Ecotribe of friends who were investigating living in an eco village or similar sustainable community.

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